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About Crush Injuries to the Fingertip

While crush injuries to the fingertip are very common and often appear insignificant, they can cause serious disability to the patient if inappropriately or inadequately treated. These injuries occur when someone accidentally has a door slammed on his or her finger, their finger gets caught in a car door, something heavy falls on the finger, or the fingertips are accidentally caught in a snow blower or lawnmower. Often, these fingertips can be very painful prohibiting useful function not only of the finger but of the entire hand. Inadequate padding over the bony distal phalanx can result in a very painful fingertip. Neuromas, composed of bundles of nerve tissue, can form at the ends of the injured nerves causing sever pain and disability. Additionally, inappropriate care of the nail bed structures can result in nail growth abnormalities, hangnail or an exquisitely painful fingertip.

Treatment for Crush Injuries to the Fingertip

There are various non-surgical and surgical procedures that can be performed to minimize the disability following crush injuries to the fingertip, allowing patients to return to work much soon. Furthermore, the non-injured hand is cared for during this time to prevent problems with stiffness from disuse.

The occupational therapist has several modalities to work with the patient having a painful fingertip. The hand surgeon also has various options to restore useful function to the injured finger. While seemingly minor, compared to more extensive injuries involving multiple structures, they still require appropriate care from an experienced hand surgeon.

At The Chicago Institute for Hand Surgery & Rehabilitation, Dr. Norman Weinzweig has treated hundreds of similar injuries with excellent clinical and aesthetic results, allowing patients to get back to the workplace or to their recreational activities as soon as possible.

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